AISU & Hello World American Academy

 The partnership between AISU and 51Talk is an important step forward in the development of a shared educational ecosystem between the United States and China. This ecosystem comes to life through 51Talk’s new premium product line, Hello World American Academy. Developed in collaboration between AISU and 51Talk, it is the premier choice for Chinese children to develop their English speaking talents, as it brings real American education to each lesson.

Hello World American Academy stresses three core abilities that all twenty-first century citizens must have: critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical ability. Children who are goal-oriented and independent, innovative thinkers will be on track to become the world's top-performing global citizens with an international perspective and strong competitive edge.

 Together, we are committed to providing Chinese primary and secondary school students with a platform through which they can learn English whenever and wherever they need to, while developing an understanding of Western culture. 

 Following 51Talk’s strategic investment in AISU, this is the first of many collaborative learning initiatives that have been embarked upon. These cross-border endeavors will bridge the divide between students in both countries, and cultivate a mutual appreciation between the two cultures.

Core Strengths

-An NYSE listed company with a physical education and research base in America \

-51Talk is the only online education platform in China with strong ties to American schools.

-Online Learning — Convenient, Safe, Efficient

-No need to travel to and from class - kids can talk to the world online and learn English anytime, anywhere.

-Top Certificated North American Teachers — Guaranteed Teaching Quality

-Our foreign teachers are recruited in accordance with the highest standards in the field, with only a 2.5% acceptance rate. 100% of our teachers have international certifications in ESL in order to meet our parents' highest expectations.

Supplementary Chinese Teachers Service - Sonsolidate Learning Results, Meet All Parent's Needs

Our Chinese teachers will create lessons plans and provide review lessons for our young learners after each unit, improving learning outcomes and easily pinpointing and solving various problems to help reduce friction in the learning process.

 Top-Quality Courses — Tailored to Chinese Students

Our texts, based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) of the United States, are created by an experienced R&D group of over 200 international experts to best fit the needs of young Chinese learners.

Professional Technology R&D — Game-Based Teaching, Zero-Distance Learning

By investing heavily in developing cutting-edge game-based teaching technology, our students are able to learn faster and more efficiently, while having fun in the process. Our lessons are guaranteed to have smooth connectivity through our private-line networks - making our lessons on par with face-to-face communication

Teaching Materials


Hello World American Academy's curriculum is developed based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) of the United States, and
is specially tailored to fit the cognitive needs of Chinese students. We focus not only the the accumulation of knowledge, but also on developing the core abilities of our students. Through our methodology and curriculum,

our students will gain knowledge and skills
key to effectively speaking English, and most importantly, they'll acquire three core abilities: critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical ability. These abilities will prepare each student for college, their career, and life.


In addition to our powerful internal development team consisting of R&D, teacher training, evaluation services, and our strategic cooperation with AISU, Hello World American Academy has launched new cooperative efforts with the Chinese Management Center for ETS TOEFL Junior + Primary Testing, Highlights for

Children International Inc., Oxford University Press (OUP), Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP), Pearson, Teacher Created Materials Inc., and HarperCollins Publishers Limited. These cooperative efforts cover areas from curriculum development R&D to test assessment services.

Online Classroom

Simulate Real Classes

Our game-based teaching methods make learning fun while enabling our students
to get more out of each lesson, while our fully functional electronic whiteboards and accurate translation functionality allow for frictionless communication with no barriers.

Through the use of our real-time voice functionality, high definition videos, and state of the art networks, we put online learning on par with face-to-face communication.

Students are given important confidence boosts through our in-class simulations, including sounds effects, timely expressions, and star reward points.

Playback of Class Videos

We save videos of each and every class in order to help our students review what they have learned and prepare for the next steps in their English learning.

Smart Sensory and Active Service

We help students solve any number of problems they may face in class through multiple feedback mechanisms that provide instant assistance.

Three Types of Devices

Students can take online lessons through three types of devices: PC, mobile phones, and tablets. We make education accessible anytime, anywhere.

51Talk Background

51Talk, known as China Online Education Group (NYSE listed: COE) is a leading online education platform in China, with core expertise in English education. The Company's mission is to make everyone have the ability to communicate with the world. The Company's online and mobile education platforms enable students across China to take live interactive English lessons with overseas foreign teachers, on demand. 

The Company connects its students with a large pool of highly qualified foreign teachers, assembled using a shared economy approach, and employs student and teacher feedback and data analytics to deliver a personalized learning experience to its students. 

The company’s lesson material is specially tailored for Chinese primary school students, and is based upon Common Core State Standards (CCSS). By adapting this material to China’s unique educational demands, 51Talk succeeds in not only teaching English as a second language, but in promoting critical thinking, problem solving, and analyzation skills.

Not only does 51Talk promote skills required for college and career readiness, but its methodology is aimed at preparing students for life outside the classroom. By promoting the use of reasoning and evidence based research, students are prepared for success in both the academic and professional worlds. Through 51Talk, students are properly prepared for success in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century.