Diane Johnson


Diane Longhurst Johnson has extensive experience in competency-based education and non-traditional educational models in both K-12 and higher education.  She is currently the Associate Provost of Academic Affairs for Patten University and is also the Academic Dean of it’s sister school, New Charter University.  She was the founding Senior Manager of Performance Evaluation at Western Governors University and later the Director of Innovative Programming and Assessment at Utah State University.  Prior to joining WGU, she served Utah public school teachers and administrators as a Program Specialist at the Utah Personnel Development Center with stewardship for curriculum, instruction, assessment, behavioral interventions, and regulatory compliance.  Prior to her state and national level service, Diane spent more than a decade as a special education teacher for students with mild and moderate disabilities.  She is known for her substantive expertise in establishing and scaling large complex academic organizations. Diane is also a nationally recognized consultant on authentic assessment, educational operations, competency-based education, online learning, faculty staffing, models, remote workforces, and data analytics.  She is also known for her broad knowledge of learning analytics, modalities, differences, and academic interventions.  She holds a Bachelors degree in Special Education from Utah State University, a Masters degree in Special Education Leadership from Brigham Young University, and is in the final year of doctoral work for her PhD in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instructional Leadership from Utah State University.  Her passion for non-traditional educational models stems from both personal and professional experiences that underscored the criticality for more flexible and effective models of education for both K-12 and university level students.