Host Families

The Host Family program is a pillar of the AISU International Program. The majority of AISU international students live with host families during their tenure at AISU to authenticate their experience in the U.S. and help them experience all that Utah has to offer. The host family program provides students with access to a private bedroom in a loving home, meals, transportation, and opportunities to integrate into an American family. 

Host Family Application

For Host Families:

Hosting an international student is an extremely rewarding experience that will impact your family for years to come. AISU Host Families act as an international student’s “family away from home” and learn and grow with our students. The family’s role is to offer a safe, caring, and nurturing environment for students who travel from around the world to study at AISU. Families are expected to treat the students just as they would their own children. The relationship host families and international students seek is one of mutual understanding and trust, and one in which the host students respect their host parents, brothers, and sisters as they respect their own family in their home country. Hosting an AISU international student is an opportunity to not only share American culture but also to learn about another culture and lifestyle.

Requirements to become and AISU Host Family:

  • The host family must provide the student with a private bedroom complete with a bed, dresser, desk, chair, lamp, bedding, and closet space and full access to a shared bathroom

  • The host family will provide a variety of nutritional, well-balanced meals two times a day as well as daily snacks (AISU will provide a daily school lunch)

  • All household members must agree to host a student

  • The host family must provide a clean, friendly, and safe living environment

  • Host family members are willing and able to involve the student in various activities and outings

  • The host family’s primary consideration in hosting a student is for the cross-cultural experience and the intrinsic rewards that it will bring

  • The host family can expect the student to do reasonable household chores but should not expect the student to maintain their house or yard, babysit their children, or cook their meals

  • Host family members may invite international student to attend church meetings with the family but cannot require such participation and should respect the student’s religious beliefs

  • Host family members agree to respect the culture and values of their student

  • The host family will provide laundry detergent, instructions, and a schedule for the students to do his/her own laundry

  • Host family members do not abuse alcohol or use drugs

  • Host families are under no obligation to provide accommodation for the student’s family.  It is recommended that visiting parents arrange hotel accommodations during their visits.

  •  International students are responsible for their personal expenses including toiletries, clothing, social activities, and other spending money

If you wish to participate in our Host Family Program Program, please complete the application. You may email with any questions.