The International Program at AISU prides itself on preparing international students to be successful in the university setting. In addition to our rigorous curriculum, we offer a variety of programs and services specifically for our international students including: a robust English Language Learners program (ELL), College Preparation, Host Family Program, and Extracurricular Activities. We also have a caring, professional staff that is eager to assist students throughout their time at AISU. Through our partnership with Realms of Inquiry Private School, we are able to sponsor F-1 student visas and accept international students from across the globe (see school partnership tab for more information)!


The AISU core curriculum blends online tools with project-based learning activities in order to engage students in meaningful academic progress each trimester. For example, instead of simply memorizing the periodic table in Chemistry class, AISU students apply chemistry, math, and physics lessons to their projects as they aim to solve real-world problems like the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Each of the three trimesters students can also choose from a broad range of electives based on their interests, such as: computer programming, fashion design, drama, ballroom dance, biomedical engineering, choir, outdoor recreation and many more!

In between each trimester AISU holds two-week experiential learning opportunities called Intensives. Students immerse themselves in exciting experiences, while obtaining academic credit, such as: Environmental Art in Southern Utah (0.50 Fine Arts credit), Rock Climbing (0.50 PE credit), Rollercoaster Engineering (0.50 Math credit), French Art and History in Paris (0.50 English credit), and more.

ELL Program

AISU offers an English Language Learning (ELL) program for international students to facilitate a successful transition to studying in the USA. In each of the four ELL levels, the curriculum utilizes innovative tools and techniques taught by experienced teachers, including arts infusion for the speaking, social and emotional components of language learning. Click here for more details.

College Preparation Services

International students (grades 10-12) also receive special college preparation services. This program highlights college planning, test preparation courses, test registration, college application assistance and a college preparation course (12th grade). Click here for more details.

Host Family Program

The AISU host family program places international students in pre-screened and trained AISU host families who provide a loving home environment and help students to immerse in the American culture and lifestyle. The program fee covers the cost of all meals, a private bedroom, transportation to and from school, access to laundry and American cultural activities. Click here for more details.


All AISU students are encouraged to join after-school clubs and activities that support their individual needs and interests, such as: Student Council, Basketball team, Cheerleading team, Soccer team, Dance Conservatory, DECA, Robotics Club, Debate Club, etc. The international program offers additional field trips, volunteer opportunities and activities for international students, which are held after school or on the weekends.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

AISU offers a limited number of scholarship or financial aid packages to qualified students; these packages are awarded according to annual household income, academic performance, English level and other factors.

Questions or Comments

Please send questions or comments to international@aisutah.org.